How your team can work more efficiently and successfully with a mobile app...

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The team's most important topics at a glance
Who does what and where are the roadblocks? 

You don't have to know every task your team members have to do. But the most important topic and the biggest problem should be transparent to the whole team.

The team overview shows all important topics all the time, always visualized in a way that you immediately know whats what.

Shared Focus – Shared Goals
What is the team's most important task right now?

You provide your team with a clear direction in the team compass. This way everyone in the team always knows what the common goal is. 
Every team member derives priorities and milestones from the team compass. Although these are individual, they all point in a common direction. This not only improves efficiency, but also highly motivates everyone to reach that goal together!

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Efficient 1-on-1 meetings
Create a common understanding of the right priorities

The biggest misunderstandings arise where expectations and objectives are unclear. Regular communication between manager and report creates clarity and focus.

If something goes wrong or there is a problem, it is immediately apparent and the manager can provide targeted support. This creates trust and prevents frustration.

Every meeting is documented and can be easily reviewed at any time.

Use BeeSquad where, when and how you need it – right on your smartphone. 

No desktop computer or company e-mail required.

Ideal for teams with 4-20 members.